What is a Bone Mineral Density Test

As you grow older, you experience difficulty walking and start to feel pain in the joints. This is because your bones start to become brittle and weak.

This condition is called osteoporosis, translated as “porous bones.” Like most other conditions, osteoporosis, too, can be detected early, helping you improve your quality of life as you age.

Bone Mineral Density Test – Meaning

The Bone Mineral Density Test, also popularly known as the Bone Density Test, helps you detect osteoporosis quickly. In most cases, you don’t realize you have this condition until your bones start falling apart. That’s why you must take this test to check the thickness of your bones at the right age and start taking the required medication, as per your doctor’s recommendation.

Don’t worry; this is a painless test that takes much less time to complete. It is like the normal X-rays you usually do when your doctor wants to check something. This X-ray will tell you how dense your bones are. Healthy bones are very dense and full of calcium and other minerals. The thicker your bones are, the fewer their chances to break.

Who should take the test?

Almost all adults can take a bone density test in Bangalore, or wherever they live. However, older women are more prone to osteoporosis than men. Therefore, your doctor may recommend you take a bone density test if you:

  • A woman of at least 65 years of age or a man of at least 50 years of age
  • Are at least 50 years old and going through the menopausal or postmenopausal stage
  • Have undergone surgeries for organ transplants
  • Have broken a bone after you turned 50
  • Have problems with periods (stopped abruptly or irregular cycles before you hit menopause)
  • Experience constant back pain, due to which you have trouble keeping up a straight posture
  • Have started becoming shorter by at least 1.5 inches or more
  • Have trouble balancing your hormone levels

Types of bone density tests

Irrespective of whether you take a bone density test in Bangalore or any other place, the test will usually include checking the bones in your hip, forearm and spine regions. The bones in these places are the most susceptible to breaking apart when you have osteoporosis. Your doctor may ask you to take one of the two types of bone density tests, as explained below:

  • Central DXA 

This Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry test checks the density of your hip and spine bones. Though it takes only around 15 minutes to complete this test, it is costly, mainly because of its accuracy. The X-Ray machine’s rays pass through your bones, and the final report reveals your skeleton with the findings of your bone density details. Your doctor will start the necessary treatment based on the result of this test.

  • Peripheral Test

This test is cheaper than the above-mentioned one because it is not very detailed. It examines the density of the bones around your fingers, wrist and heels. This device is not as huge as the X-ray machine used for the Central DXA test. This device is portable and easy to use, so more people can scan their bones this way. Some doctors also recommend the peripheral test as a preliminary test to check patients’ osteoporosis intensity. So, this test can form the base for his recommendation of a Central DXA test. Some abnormalities in the peripheral test can make the doctors recommend the detailed Central DXA test for you to check for the problems thoroughly, and start the right treatment for you.


Upgrade Your Home With Compact Furniture Solutions

If you have been looking for smart and practical ideas to transform your home’s interior magically, you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss some smart and trendy compact furniture solutions to upgrade your home. These solutions include installing intelligent space furniture in different areas of your home to make it look clutter-free, organized, flexible and stylish.

Intelligent use of compact tables

When it comes to space-saving furniture, the first thing that comes to our mind is the wall-mounted pieces. Yes, the wall-mounted study table, wall-mounted dining table and more are excellent ideas to upgrade your home. You can unmount these when you want and put them back on the walls when they are not in need. However, some of the newer and more popular ideas, like leaf-drop tables and pullout tables, are also very popular. 

The leaf-drop table comes with a folding section on its sides. You can extend it or contract it depending on the number of people. Similarly, pullout tables, usually used in kitchens, are small tray-like extensions that can be pulled out whenever you want to have a meal. These pullout tables sometimes double up as chopping boards or working tables.

Storage beds are in vogue now

One of the smartest compact furniture solutions you have to try is using storage beds. Today, many classy beds come with big storage compartments underneath or at the sides. You can use them to store pillows, extra bedsheets, blankets and other related supplies. This way, you don’t have to search for these items when you have guests at home. You can also use this space for storing your kid’s toys. Kids find it easy to pull out the compartments and neatly organize their toys when playtime is over, thereby keeping your home organized and clutter-free.

Sofa beds for more comfort

Today, sofa beds are as popular as wall-mounted furniture ideas when it comes to investing in space-saving furniture. A wall-mounted study table is not the only style you can choose now. The pull-out sofa beds are here to add more comfort and functionality to your home. You can pull out a bed from these sofas instantly, making your place a comfortable bedroom whenever you want. Many people opt for this feature today, as they don’t have enough space in their rooms to fit a full-length proper bed. Sofa beds can also come in handy when you have extra guests at home.

Pop-up and nested tables for the wow factor

Do you want to add a dash of innovation and a “wow” factor while investing in compact furniture solutions for your home? You have to try the pop-up and nested tables in that case. A pop-table is one wherein a coffee table can pop up to a certain height, much to the delight of your guests. The bottom portion of this table can be used as an intelligent storage compartment. 

You can opt for nested tables if you don’t have enough space in your living room for more than one coffee table. This way, you can keep the tables separate as and when you need them. During other times, you can keep them nested (one inside the other) to save a lot of space.


These are only some of the trendy compact furniture solutions that people usually order for their homes. There is more to the concept of space-saving furniture, and you will find unlimited options when you set out to shop for the same. These compact solutions are a win-win situation for you, as you can make your rooms more organized without overshooting your budget.

Mi Ocado Staff Sign In Guide @ Miocado.net

Managing the Payslip is one of the most important reasons why the MiOcado portal and its services are important to Ocado employees. Mi Ocado Portal is designed to offer exclusive benefits to Ocado employees only.

With the help of a portal, you can download your Payslip anytime. You can also take certain Ocado benefits, such as enjoying services that include schedules, HR solutions, holiday requests, etc.

If you want to sign into your MiOcado account and download the Payslip but don’t know how can do that, this guide will help you with that.

Mi Ocado Employee Sign in at www.miocado.net

To login to your MiOcado account, follow the steps given below-

  • Firstly visit MiOcado Portal on your web browser.
  • Then on the homepage, click on Log In.
  • Then on the login page, enter your Username and Password.
  • Then click the Login button, and you will be logged into your account.

Download Mi Ocado Payslip

Once you log in to the portal, you can download your Payslip. Below are the steps to let you know how to download Mi Ocado payslips.

  • Firstly go to the Miocado employee portal and sign into it. We have discussed the steps to do so above in this article so that you can follow them.
  •  After opening the account, click on Paychecks or Payslip.
  • Then select the week/month and year to get the desired Payslip.
  • Then click on View or get details.
  • Once the Payslip is displayed on your screen, click on the Download or Print option to download it.

Steps For Ocado Customer Login

  • Firstly visit the official customer service portal by clicking on this link.
  • Then on the homepage of the portal, click on the Login option.
  • Then at the login portal, enter your Email and Password.
  • Once done, click on the Login button.
  • At last, you will have access to your Ocado customer account.

Ocado Staff Registration at MiOcado

Ocado employees are invited for MiOcado payroll registration. Once you have joined the organization as an employee, you will receive login credentials from your line manager to access the MiOcado system. If you are new to Ocado and don’t have Mi Ocado login details, you should contact your employer, line manager, or HR department.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How To Fix the MiOcado Portal Not Working?

A. If you have been facing these issues with the MiOcado portal, ensure you have stable internet, disconnect from VPN and clear the browser’s cache. Doing so will fix the problem with the MiOcado portal.

2) What is Ocado?

A. Ocado is a company that works on online supermarkets and is one of the largest in the field. The head office of Ocado is located in Hatfield, England. The UK does not have a store but a warehouse where they deliver items. Ocado uses Miocado to pay their members and see their payroll.

3) How to log in as a MiOcado customer?

A. We have already discussed the steps to log in to the Mi Ocado customer portal. If you want to log in to your customer account, you can follow the abovementioned steps.

Final Words

That’s how you can download your Payslip at the MiOcado portal. Apart from the steps to download Payslip at MiOcado, we have also discussed how you can log in to the Ocado customer portal. We hope this article helps you with what you are looking for.

A Definitive Guide to Start A UPVC Windows and Doors Business

There is no doubt that there has been such a phenomenal rise in the number of businesses that sell UPVC doors and windows. Hence it isn’t tough to find the perfect guide to a definitive start to a UPVC Windows and doors business. If developing UPVC doors and windows are the immediate attention of your business, then begin with obtaining the essential information about UPVC doors and windows. Get a grip on the materials used, procedures taken and so on. This knowledge shall help you to stay ahead of your competitors and deliver unbeatable results. A through the guide :
  • Firstly one must need to have a thorough understanding of the investment required. This firm understanding is essential as any business comes alongside its monetary risks and profits. Also, having an investigation is recommended before investing. A lot of factors may affect one’s decisions in the long run.
  • Most of which depend on an individual’s capabilities and market needs. In addition, you must also have a great understanding of the profit margin and return on investment. Generally, the profit margin of the UPVC doors and windows business is estimated to be between 10% and 15%. Though the scales keep varying, it is always good to have an estimation of the plan.
  • Next, the most important thing is to know what goes into the making. If you need to build to last UPVC doors and windows, you must know the best, and the same materials are employed in the making. Some of the most prominent materials are:
  • Rebar
  • UPVC profile
  • Glass
  • hardware.
  • Next on the queue is understanding the process of manufacturing and installation costs that comes along with it. It also comes with UPVC machinery that requires a good amount of investment. The essential machine list includes:
  • router
  • Double-head contour cutting machine
  • Draining Slot Machine
  • Corner cleaner
  • Double-head welding machine
  • Bead cutting machine and
  • End milling machine.
  • The cost will depend on the specifications of the machine. It is a known fact that the devices with higher specifications are arranged at a much higher price than those with lesser specifications.
  • They are normalizing the use of portable machines.
  • If you want to excel in the UPVC doors and windows business, it is a fact that you should never be overconfident or complacent. It would help if you were permeable to possible changes and shall always thrive on being better. A smart move is to seek expert help from time to time to plan your approach and reach your business goals, especially in manufacturing.
  • Learning from the professionals is always a good thing and hence visiting several leading UPVC door, and window manufacturers is a great idea. You can collect a good amount of information from them, ranging from the type of UPVC manufacturing machine you need to know in detail to how investing your capital into this is a meticulous move. You will also be able to get some of the best fully portable machines. The exact knowledge helps you to purchase the most cost-effective proprietary machineries.
  • However, while using the portable UPVC manufacturing machine, many things are to be kept in mind, such as:
  • Always make it a point to purchase products from the most well-known brands that have been in business for many years. Their satisfaction rate with their customer is directly proportional to the quality of products that they have to offer.
  • There should be no concession in the integrity of the commodity. The portable machines are meant to require factory settings to make doors and windows. Do not let the small size of the mobile equipment affect the quality of the product.
  • Always choose leading companies to purchase manufacturing machines for UPVC doors and windows. Some companies also provide buyers with after-sales support and complete training facilities.
  • It would help if you always kept sharpening your skills and knowledge for your business to grow. Always garner some basic understanding of UPVC to increase your confident marketing confidence and deliver the best. Some fundamental points to recollect are :
  1. Generally, UPVC doors and windows are flame retardant. This attribute is because it contains more than 70% unplasticized uPVC.
  2. In addition, the material has a very high ignition temperature.
  • These characteristics of the UPVC all together make the material suitable for harsh climates. It also makes it an easy task to withstand extreme heat, extreme cold or excessive rainfall. They also provide a good amount of protection against fire. With the ever-changing trends, they have an ever-changing array of facilities offered, which makes them unbeatable. There are also many additional features, such as dust and moisture-proof wire mesh shutters with a modern locking system and so on.

National Education Policy 2020 – Things You Need to Know

India’s new National Education Policy of 2020 came into effect on 29 July 2020. This policy goes over and talks about the future of India’s education system, its current shortcomings and aims to cover a thorough plan to improve and bring some much-needed change. The “National Policy on Education” has been an old series of projects in India, starting back in 1948, right after Independence.

The original, first National Policy on Education (or NPE) was created in 1968 by Indira Gandhi. NPE focuses on making education more equal among different social classes and economic divides. Another significant change that 1968’s NPE brought was a “three-language formula” where the students would learn English, Hindi, and their state’s language. In addition, Sanskrit was also incorporated as an optional language to preserve the roots of Indian languages.

The second NPE came about in 1986, under former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Once again, it focused on reducing inequality in education, but this time concerning sex discrimination with significant emphasis on girl child education, which was an idea that many Indian parents were prone to dismissing.

Also included were the marginalized groups such as scheduled tribes and castes. Some significant changes to address this were adult education, increased scholarships, preferential hiring towards SC/ST teachers, incentivizing school for low-income families, and a more child-centred rather than result-oriented approach overall. Another notable addition to the higher education options in India was the creation of the IGNOU open university.

IGNOU made some significant actions and amendments to the 1986 NPE, and some consider it a new 1992 NPE. However, these changes were very controversial, including a common nationwide entrance exam for admission to India’s technical and highly professional universities (JEE, NEET, AIEEE, etc.). While this does reduce a lot of strain from having to give different entrance examinations for various universities and colleges, it brings a whole host of other problems, including the fact that there is no recourse except to re-take these exams if you didn’t get a good percentile.

The 2020 policy, however, brings a lot of interesting points to the table. The first and simplest goal is to increase state expenditure for education from 3% to 6%. Also meaningful is the address of language, with the removal of imposition of any language over the students. However, the government did clarify that these changes to how language is to be taught were meant to be a guideline and not a to-the-letter set of instructions.

The most notable change that 2020’s NEP proposes is replacing the 10+2 structure with a 5+3+3+4 academic design. It breaks these down into officially labeled foundational (5), preparatory (3), middle (3), and secondary (4) stages. Respectively going from activity-based learning in ‘5’ to introducing simple subjects in ‘3’ to more abstract and complex concepts in the subsequent ‘3,’ finishing with multidisciplinary studies and introducing depth and critical thinking in the final ‘4.’

It proposes examinations only held in classes 2, 5, and 8 instead of every academic year. In addition, CBSE’s (Central Board for Secondary Education) exams for classes 10 and 12 will revoke under a new body called “PARAKH.” The most significant alterations to the current system are that the exams will now be conducted twice a year with two attempts and will divide into objective and descriptive parts. Furthermore, students will now be allowed to choose interdisciplinary studies instead of being locked into one group, and parakh will rework report cards to focus more on the students and less on their marks. In addition, the Midday Meal Scheme will now include breakfasts, and parakh will now recommend schools to have designated counsellors and social workers. Also, the school will now introduce coding and computer-based classes from 6th grade.

As for higher education, the 2020 NEP plans to create a 4-year multidisciplinary degree course with specific certifications and proof-of-work initiatives and yearly marks. A higher education council will be made, and several institutes like the IITs will introduce some significant reworks to their learning programs.

Furthermore, foreign universities will be authorized to establish themselves in India, and the fees of private and public universities will be a hard-capped fixed amount. The M. Phil degree will be discontinued, and teachers will be required to have a 4-year Bachelor of Education degree, with specific guidelines and standards enforced by the NCTE.


Complete explanation of NJMCDirect ticket

Paying your traffic fines is extremely difficult the old fashioned way. From looking for a court near you, looking up their office hours, and wait for hours in a queue, the process is frustrating from the beginning to the end. Often one wonders if there could be an easy way out. Now, if you are from New Jersey, you have a way out.

NJMC (New Jersey Meadowlands Commission) has created the NJMCDirect portal, a digital payment portal for paying off your traffic tickets and fines, at your own convenience wherever is convenient. Using your mobile device, or your laptop/ computer, you can pay your fines in a timely and convenient fashion, in a few steps.

NJMCDirect is a fast and convenient way to pay your NJ court traffic fees and fines online. This system uses your prefix code, and eliminates all the need to spend a large amount of time queuing and looking for NJ courts in order to pay your traffic dues. This facility further helps you to avoid paying late fines.

To use the NJMCDirect portal, you’ll need a traffic ticket or challan, your license plate number, and a method of online payment, a credit or debit card, or a payment wallet.

About NJMCDirect Ticket

The traffic ticket or challan is issued by the city officials of New Jersey, and is mainly used for the payment of the ticket. The ticket has a summons number, that consists of a court ID, prefix, and your ticket number, and will contain the date of your court summons, along with the law broken. This is then digitised and uploaded to the portal, following which it may be paid online. If you do not have the ticket, you can look up your ticket in the municipal court case search website using your license plate number


For further clarification or other queries, contact us at

Phone Number: (973) 284 4945

Fax: (973) 284 4914

Office Address: NJMC Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, 228 Chesnutt Street, NJ 07710

NJMC Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM (EST)


1) Is a court appearance mandatory for paying a ticket?

A. If the court appearance required box is checked in the traffic ticket, then you have to appear in the court. If the box is unchecked, and the offence is listed in the Statewide Violations Bureau Schedule or the Local Violations Bureau Schedule, you may pay the fine without appearing in court. Remember, if you do that, you are pleading guilty to the charges involved without challenging them.

2) How to plead not guilty to a ticket?

A. To plead not guilty to the summons issued in your name, you may call the Municipal Court office at (908) 534-2414 and speak directly to a staff member. You may mail or fax the municipal offices with a copy of your ticket and you challenge as well, at your own convenience.

3) What information do you need from the ticket to pay your fines at www.NJMCDirect.com?

A. On your summons ticket, you will find your ticket number, court ID and prefix. These three together are part of your summons number. You additionally need your license plate number, and finally a mode of online payment

4) What can be the repercussions of not obeying your court orders related to a NJMCDirect ticket?

A. If you do not appear in your court appearance or pay the fines on time, you may get your license suspended or you may have to face additional fines, or serve jail time

I hope this article was helpful in explaining the NJMCDirect ticket, and was informative in explaining the various components about the NJMCDirect ticket

Understanding Perspectives of Ramesh Gorjala

What is your opinion on the point that even a piece of paper can express feelings? Yes, you are guessing it right, Art is not only the blend of colors and sketches but it plays a vital role in expressing different points. Art can depict personal, serious, hilarious, and much more types of issues.

Paintings are such things that every individual can understand even though they are literate or illiterate. Bit different from the other artists, here is Ramesh Gorjala. Before getting acquainted with his different artistic paintings, let’s first understand that who’s Ramesh Gorjala.

All about Ramesh Gorjala

Ramesh Gorjala had seen his first day in a weaver’s family and he is well known contemporary Indian artist. He learned this art form from his uncle in his early times.  Further on he kept practicing this traditional form and became a master in that. For earning a degree in fine arts, he stepped towards Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University that is situated in Hyderabad.

The art form by him is full up of tradition as well as modernity and those art forms always bring the goddesses and gods into a realistic era. Ramesh Gorjala paintings are not only famous in India but they have their place on international platforms. They are getting so famous that those paintings are even displayed at the airport of Hyderabad. His paintings mostly define mythological concepts and figures like hanuman, Vishnu, Kamadhenu, and Krishna.


  • He has completed his degree of Bachelor in fine arts from the Jawaharlal University of Fine arts and Architecture, Hyderabad.
  • He also completed his degree of Masters in fine arts from the same University.

Solo shows of Ramesh Gorjala:

  • In 2021 there was a show related to Myth, Eternal romance, Mystery and Gallerie Splash in Gurgaon
  • Show related to samarpan was organized in 2016 in the Gallerie Splash visual art gallery in New Delhi.

Awards Received by Ramesh Gorjala:

  • He got his first State award from the Andhra Pradesh Crafts council in the year 2002.
  • He was also awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Birth Cenetary memorial award in the year 2000 from the Victoria Technical Institute, Chennai.

View of Ramesh Gorjala on the Art of Painting-

He loves making Mythological paintings and also he is expanding his scope in this field. He loves accepting the requests of the commissioned paintings too. He has been involved in the tradition of Kalamkari and he loves the use of warm colors. The artistic form of his painting has its uniqueness depicting the tales of ancient history and full of different types of intricate designs.

He mostly uses the colors like Gold, brown, red, blue, and orange in his paintings. His paintings are glorified by the use of fine pens and are the masterpiece of Indian mythology.

This was all regarding the art forms of Ramesh Gorjala. His work in the case of mythological paintings is significant and worth getting noted. So even you can select one of its best masterpieces for decorating your place and preserving our mythological culture. So if you love reading our writings then do like and share our writings.

Benefits of Wind energy everyone should know

Wind energy offers a plethora of advantages. Being a natural source of energy adds more credibility to its claim of being a sustainable source of energy that is also renewable. This also explains why wind energy is one of the fastest-growing energy sources globally. There’s a lot of faith in the power of wind energy and how it can take the world by storm.

Hence more and more research efforts are promoted on the topic of wind energy solutions and betterment. Also, there are efforts made to learn more about the challenges and how they can be put to rest once and for all.  Though there are multiple benefits of wind energy, some of the most powerful and impressive benefits are listed below.

The unsung advantages of Wind Power.

  • Wind power is cost-effective.

Any source of energy becomes tenfold more beneficial when it is cost-effective. As per reports, the land-based utility-scale wind is one of the lowest-priced energy sources available as of today. To take a look into how cost-effective wind power is, here’s an insight. Wind power costs around just 1–2 cents per kilowatt-hour. This too is after the addition of the production tax credit. What adds more credibility to wind power being one of the most cost-effective schemes is that because the electricity from wind farms is sold at a fixed price range over a long period ( for instance as long as 20+ years) and also because it’s completely fuel-free, wind energy had become a force in the energy industry to be reckoned with. Wind energy also mitigates the price uncertainty that fuel costs add to traditional sources of energy.

  • The relationship between wind energy and job vacancies.

Though it does sound unrelated in reality, there’s a bigger picture to it, wind energy indeed is creating a good amount of job vacancies. For instance, the U.S. wind sector employs over more than 100,000 workers alone. Also, the wind turbine technician is one of the fastest-growing jobs globally where there’s the availability for wind power generation. According to the Wind Vision Report, there is a string of hope and good news related to the Wind energy company that is hiring.

The wind power plants able the potential to support more than 600,000 jobs in the varied fields of manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and supporting services by the end of 2050. Also, wind enables the wind power-related Wind energy company to stabilize and improve their hold on the market. It is also to be taken into account that new wind projects have taken most countries by storm. There have been billions of dollars of investment when it comes to these wind-related products. And with the recent conscience of the world getting an awakening, it isn’t unusual to get access to cleaner energy sources all the while boosting the economy.

  • A source of clean and green fuel:

Wind energy doesn’t cause any sort of pollution. This is unlikely to the pollution that is caused by the power plants to the air. This happens mostly cause the other plants when put to comparison rely heavily on the combustion of fossil fuels. These fossil fuels mostly are limited to coal or natural gas, which emit particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and so on. These emissions are not only harmful to humans but also other forms of life around. Also, they are capable of causing human health problems and economic damages. Wind turbines on the other hand are completely hazardless and under no circumstances do they have any role in promoting atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain, smog, greenhouse gases or so on.

  • The wind is a domestic source of energy.

What makes wind energy all the while so appreciated globally is the cause of them being a domestic source of energy. When seem through a global aspect, there’s hardly any lack of the available wind supply. It is abundant and inexhaustible. Over the past 10 years, there has been a massive surge in the growth of wind power capacity. So much has been invested into wind power that it is now the largest source of renewable power in the United States.

  • Wind power is sustainable.

The wind is a form of solar energy if we talk scientifically.  Winds are caused by the heating of the atmosphere. This in turn is initiated by the sun, the rotation of the Earth, and the Earth’s surface irregularities. For as long as the sun shines over us and the wind blows, the amount of energy that can be produced and harnessed to send power across the grid is infinite.

  • Wind turbines can be built on existing farms or ranches making them even more affordable and friendly.

The power to build these wind powers so effortlessly is a great benefit to the economy in rural areas, where most of the best wind sites are found. Farmers and ranchers can continue to work the land all the while having these wind turbines installed because the wind turbines use only a fraction of the land. Also, there’s an additional source of income as the Wind energy company makes handsome rental payments to the farmers or rancher for the use of the land, providing landowners with additional income.