Complete explanation of NJMCDirect ticket

Paying your traffic fines is extremely difficult the old fashioned way. From looking for a court near you, looking up their office hours, and wait for hours in a queue, the process is frustrating from the beginning to the end. Often one wonders if there could be an easy way out. Now, if you are from New Jersey, you have a way out.

NJMC (New Jersey Meadowlands Commission) has created the NJMCDirect portal, a digital payment portal for paying off your traffic tickets and fines, at your own convenience wherever is convenient. Using your mobile device, or your laptop/ computer, you can pay your fines in a timely and convenient fashion, in a few steps.

NJMCDirect is a fast and convenient way to pay your NJ court traffic fees and fines online. This system uses your prefix code, and eliminates all the need to spend a large amount of time queuing and looking for NJ courts in order to pay your traffic dues. This facility further helps you to avoid paying late fines.

To use the NJMCDirect portal, you’ll need a traffic ticket or challan, your license plate number, and a method of online payment, a credit or debit card, or a payment wallet.

About NJMCDirect Ticket

The traffic ticket or challan is issued by the city officials of New Jersey, and is mainly used for the payment of the ticket. The ticket has a summons number, that consists of a court ID, prefix, and your ticket number, and will contain the date of your court summons, along with the law broken. This is then digitised and uploaded to the portal, following which it may be paid online. If you do not have the ticket, you can look up your ticket in the municipal court case search website using your license plate number


For further clarification or other queries, contact us at

Phone Number: (973) 284 4945

Fax: (973) 284 4914

Office Address: NJMC Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, 228 Chesnutt Street, NJ 07710

NJMC Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM (EST)


1) Is a court appearance mandatory for paying a ticket?

A. If the court appearance required box is checked in the traffic ticket, then you have to appear in the court. If the box is unchecked, and the offence is listed in the Statewide Violations Bureau Schedule or the Local Violations Bureau Schedule, you may pay the fine without appearing in court. Remember, if you do that, you are pleading guilty to the charges involved without challenging them.

2) How to plead not guilty to a ticket?

A. To plead not guilty to the summons issued in your name, you may call the Municipal Court office at (908) 534-2414 and speak directly to a staff member. You may mail or fax the municipal offices with a copy of your ticket and you challenge as well, at your own convenience.

3) What information do you need from the ticket to pay your fines at

A. On your summons ticket, you will find your ticket number, court ID and prefix. These three together are part of your summons number. You additionally need your license plate number, and finally a mode of online payment

4) What can be the repercussions of not obeying your court orders related to a NJMCDirect ticket?

A. If you do not appear in your court appearance or pay the fines on time, you may get your license suspended or you may have to face additional fines, or serve jail time

I hope this article was helpful in explaining the NJMCDirect ticket, and was informative in explaining the various components about the NJMCDirect ticket

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