Understanding Perspectives of Ramesh Gorjala

What is your opinion on the point that even a piece of paper can express feelings? Yes, you are guessing it right, Art is not only the blend of colors and sketches but it plays a vital role in expressing different points. Art can depict personal, serious, hilarious, and much more types of issues.

Paintings are such things that every individual can understand even though they are literate or illiterate. Bit different from the other artists, here is Ramesh Gorjala. Before getting acquainted with his different artistic paintings, let’s first understand that who’s Ramesh Gorjala.

All about Ramesh Gorjala

Ramesh Gorjala had seen his first day in a weaver’s family and he is well known contemporary Indian artist. He learned this art form from his uncle in his early times.  Further on he kept practicing this traditional form and became a master in that. For earning a degree in fine arts, he stepped towards Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University that is situated in Hyderabad.

The art form by him is full up of tradition as well as modernity and those art forms always bring the goddesses and gods into a realistic era. Ramesh Gorjala paintings are not only famous in India but they have their place on international platforms. They are getting so famous that those paintings are even displayed at the airport of Hyderabad. His paintings mostly define mythological concepts and figures like hanuman, Vishnu, Kamadhenu, and Krishna.


  • He has completed his degree of Bachelor in fine arts from the Jawaharlal University of Fine arts and Architecture, Hyderabad.
  • He also completed his degree of Masters in fine arts from the same University.

Solo shows of Ramesh Gorjala:

  • In 2021 there was a show related to Myth, Eternal romance, Mystery and Gallerie Splash in Gurgaon
  • Show related to samarpan was organized in 2016 in the Gallerie Splash visual art gallery in New Delhi.

Awards Received by Ramesh Gorjala:

  • He got his first State award from the Andhra Pradesh Crafts council in the year 2002.
  • He was also awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Birth Cenetary memorial award in the year 2000 from the Victoria Technical Institute, Chennai.

View of Ramesh Gorjala on the Art of Painting-

He loves making Mythological paintings and also he is expanding his scope in this field. He loves accepting the requests of the commissioned paintings too. He has been involved in the tradition of Kalamkari and he loves the use of warm colors. The artistic form of his painting has its uniqueness depicting the tales of ancient history and full of different types of intricate designs.

He mostly uses the colors like Gold, brown, red, blue, and orange in his paintings. His paintings are glorified by the use of fine pens and are the masterpiece of Indian mythology.

This was all regarding the art forms of Ramesh Gorjala. His work in the case of mythological paintings is significant and worth getting noted. So even you can select one of its best masterpieces for decorating your place and preserving our mythological culture. So if you love reading our writings then do like and share our writings.

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